Horses Are More than a Hobby


We are a full service boarding facility.  We feed water and worm your horses.  Horses are fed once a day in the summer and twice in the winter depending on availability of pasture.  We charge $230 per month.


Each horse will have a stall for meals and bad weather.  Horses are only kept in at night if it's wet and below 40, windy and below 20 or below 15.  Horses are almost never kept in during the day, they do have nice shelters in their pasture.  


You have the choice of round or square bales.  We have large pastures and in the summer we only feed how much hay the horses clean up.  In the square bale pasture we feed 15 pounds per horse per day.   We have hay huts to keep the round bales dry.   You  provide grain for your horse and direct how much to feed.  We will also feed any suppliments you like.


You may need us to hold your horse for the vet or ferrier, blanket or fly spray your horse.  We want you satisfied that your horse is taken care of the way you like so for an extra fee we will provide any service you like.